2020 Eurasip JWCN Best paper Award !

The paper “The 5G candidate waveform race: a comparison of complexity and performance” ( Link ) from Robin Gerzaguet and al has been granted as the 2020 EURASIP Journal of Wireless Communications and Networking Best Paper Award !

This paper proposes a thorough analysis on different waveform envisioned for 5G physical layer. 5G will have to cope with a high degree of heterogeneity in terms of services and requirements. Among these latter, the flexible and efficient use of non-contiguous unused spectrum for different network deployment scenarios is considered a key challenge for 5G systems. To maximize spectrum efficiency, the 5G air interface technology will also need to be flexible and capable of mapping various services to the best suitable combinations of frequency and radio resources. This work assesses a comparison of several 5G waveform candidates in terms of spectral efficiency, power spectral density, peak-to-average power ratio and robustness to asynchronous multi-user uplink transmission. Moreover, we evaluate and compare the complexity of the different waveforms. The paper also demonstrates 5G use cases via two experimental implementations.

The award will received during the Awards Ceremony of EUSIPCO 2020 (http://www.eusipco2020.org/).

It is the second time (!) Granit won a Best Paper award in EURASIP JWCN after the one received in 2013 by Matthieu Gautier (and al) for the paper entitled “Advances in opportunistic radio technologies for TVWS” (Link )

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