Granit strong participation to DASIP demo night

Three demos were presented during the demo night of DASIP conference:

  • Zyggie: Wireless Sensor Node Prototype for Tracking and Gesture Recognition by Antoine Courtay, Mickaël Le Gentil, Olivier Berder and Arnaud Carer
  • Fuzzyman: How Fuzzy Logic Can Enhance Energy Management in Wireless Sensor Nodes Equipped by Energy Harvesters and Wake-up Radios by Fayçal Ait Aoudia, Matthieu Gautier, Mickaël Le Gentil and Olivier Berder
  • FPGA-based Implementation of a Flexible FFT Dedicated to LTE Standard by Mai-Thanh Tran, Emmanuel Casseau and Matthieu Gautier

Fuzzyman: power management for IoT nodes


Zyggie: Tracking and gesture recognition

Reconfigurable LTE transmitter

Reconfigurable LTE transmitter

Conference general chair visits Zyggie

Dasip general chair visits Zyggie !

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