Special session on Wake-up radio at ICECS conference

A special session entitled “Wake-up Radios: Circuits, Systems, and Applications” was held in Bordeaux at ICECS conference.

The program was:

  1. “Using Bluetooth Low Energy to trigger an ultra-low power FSK-(like) wake-up receiver”, P. Gavrikov, P. E. Verboket,T. Ungan, M. Lai, C. Schindelhauer, L. Reindl
  2. “Efficiency of Orthogonal Codes for Quasi-passive Wake-Up Radio Receivers using Frequency Footprint IDs”, S. Widmaier, F. Hutu, G. Villemaud
  3. “Benefit of tunable wake-up radio architecture and associated protocols”, M Maman, D. Morche, B. Martineau, C. Jany, Y. Miro Panades, E.Beigne
  4. “Design and performance evaluation of discrete-components and integrated architectures of nanowatt wake-up radio receivers”, A. Elgani, M. Magno, F. Renzini, L. Perilli, E. Franchi Scarselli, A. Gnudi, R. Canegallo, L. Benini
  5. “Adaptive relaying for wireless sensor networks leveraging Wake-up receiver”, N. Djidi, A. Courtay, M. Gautier, O. Berder

This session was organized by Olivier Berder, Matthieu Gautier and Antoine Courtay and is part of the ANR Wake-up project.

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