Granit team at a glance

Granit team researches new algorithms and architectures for energy efficient communications. Granit is located in Lannion at ENSSAT engineer school.

Energy harvesting

PowWow: an innovating hardware and software platform for wireless sensor network applications that includes an energy-efficient MAC protocol, a light memory usage, a low-power FPGA and small-scale energy harvesting features.

Wireless Body Area network

Zyggie: an energy efficient "motion capture" platform. Key features are wireless communications, energy autonomy of 20h, wireless induction charging and a real-time avatar on tablets.

Software Defined Radio

Granit team studies the rapid prototyping of flexible radio waveforms leveraging High Level Synthesis. Both algorithms and architectures are taken into account to target heterogenous (software and hardware) platform such as Xilinx Zynq.

1 Gbit/s real time FPGA receiver

FPGA-based platform and instrumentation for 1 Gbit/s communication. Key features are Real time Bit Error Rate (BER) measurement and Virtex-7 FPGA design from High-level synthesis
  • GRANIT Team purpose

    Even the smallest sensors are now able to send their data over what is called Internet of Things (IoT), such that every user in the world could reach it. But the more sensors we place, the less we want to change batteries! In such a context, the GRANIT team purpose is to design algorithms and architectures able to adapt to environment parameters, such as propagation channel characteristics, wireless traffic conditions or network topology while respecting applications requirements in terms of data rate, reliability, latency, and most of all, life time of involved systems.
  • EEWOK platform

    The EEWOK platform (Energy Efficient Wireless sensOr networKs) is a labélisée Rennes 1 platform and gathers the skills of Granit team on energy efficient wireless sensor networks. More information.
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