Wireless Sensor Network (PowWow)

PowWow platform for WSNs

We have proposed and developed PowWow (Power Optimized Hardware and Software FrameWork for Wireless Motes), a hardware and software platform designed to handle sensor networks and related applications. The main innovating features of the platform are: an energy-efficient MAC protocol (15x less power than the ZigBee standard was reported for equivalent applications), a much more light memory usage, a low-power FPGA for acceleration of part of the software stack (energy reduction of two orders of magnitude was reported for error control and correction) and, more recently, a board including small-scale energy harvesting features. Our work take benefit from PowWow to perform power measurements that can be directly introduced in energy consumption models, leading to very precise predictions for the class of preamble sampling MAC protocols. We strongly rely on this platform for the prototyping of future research in this domain.


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