LPWAN networks (Amalo)

The goal of the AMALO (AutonoMous energy hArvesting LOng-range) platform is to measure information with several sensors and to transmit this collected data using a LoRa radio transceiver, while being powered by solar energy harvesting. The model of such a sensor platform is shown in the figures below. Two main parts can be identified: the energy harvesting part and the processing part. Firstly, the energy harvesting part is made up of the energy harvester (i.e., solar panel), the energy manager chip, a way to store the harvested energy (a super capacitor and/or a battery), and a chip able to measure the current and voltage of the battery. Secondly, the processing part consists of a micro-controller unit (MCU) which manages both the sensors and a radio communication module.

This platform was developed as part of the Images & Networks cluster Alamo project and funded by “Lannion Tregor Communauté” and the “Région Bretagne”.

Related publication:

[1] M. Mabon, M. Gautier, B. Vrigneau, M. Le Gentil, O. Berder, The Smaller the Better: Designing Solar Energy Harvesting Sensor Nodes for Long-Range MonitoringWireless Communications and Mobile Computing, Hindawi Publishing Corporation, 2019.

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