Rose SDR Platform

Rose (Software Defined Radio for Embedded Internet Of Things) is the software defined radio platform of Granit team at Lannion.
It is composed of several SDR nodes and electronic instrumentation. The platform is hosted in the ENSSAT anechoic chamber.

The SDR nodes are E310 Universal Radio Peripheral (USRP) from National Instrument. These SDRs are in the last generation and show a architectural difference with the first and second generations. The RF daughterboard (AD9361 from Analog Device) is embed with a complete System On Chip. The SoC is a Zynq 7010 that embed a dual core ARM cortex A9 jointly with a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) allowing hardware acceleration for intensive real time computation. These kind of SoC based SDR offers better performance in terms of calculation and also allow to embed most of the processing in the radio itself. It is thus a strong tool to pave the way for real time autonomous deployment as the node can work without a dedicated host PC.

The platform also has a X310 radio (200MHz bandwidth radio), and Adalm Pluto software defined radios from Analog devices. Many Wifi and Bluetooth dongles complete the platform according to connectivity needs.

The Rose platform have been funded by University of Rennes and by the CNRS INS2I project ARPOSTEMP.

USRP e310 -- An embedded high performance SDR

Several projects are conducted with the help of the Rose platform
– IoT based SDR platform
– 5G+ waveforms and flexible PhD for IoT
– RF security through TEMPEST exploit scenarios
– New tools and methodologies for efficient SDR prototyping using Julia

ENSSAT anéchoic chamber

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