Wake-up radio (Nwur)

This new wake-up radio, named NWUR, is based on the one from ETHZ but integrates a new micro-controller in order to perform either soft or hard decisions for the OOK bit decoding.  The architecture of NWUR is given in the figure below. The key novelty of such architecture is the possibility to switch between soft and hard decision for the Wake-up beacon (WUB) decoding. NWUR current consumption has been measured to 660nA in idle mode and to 1.02uA in receiving mode

NWUR prototype uses Clickboard format in order to ease interfacing with motherboard. In order to monitor the performance of the NWUR at large scale,  wireless sensor nodes (including both LoRa module and NWUR wake-up radio) have been integrated to the Smartsense platform as shown in the next figure (as well as the PCB of the clickboard).


Related publication:

[1] Nour El Hoda Djidi, Matthieu Gautier, Antoine Courtay, Olivier Berder, MEES-WuR: Minimum Energy Coding with Early Shutdown for Wake-up Receivers IEEE Transactions on Green Communications and Networking, 2021


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