EEWOK Platform

EEWOK (Energy Efficient Wireless sensOr networKs) a labélisée Rennes 1 platform is a proteiform platform deployed and maintained by the GRANIT and TARAN team from IRISA lab. It regroups several elements build from many years of experience in designing very low energy sensor nodes. Depending on the application, it is available in several versions that integrate the same basic elements (low-power microcontroller and several sensors) to which are added important technological innovations (low-power FPGA, energy recovery, software radios, wake-up radio, etc.). These sensor nodes are thus deployed in networks of various scales (up to several hundred nodes for Smartsense). To verify their energy efficiency, the platform has a number of measuring devices (oscilloscopes, spectrum analysers, current analysers, etc.)

Our main realizations are:

EEWOK platform has received funds from many different partners and projects

  • ANR projects (ANR WakeUp, UWAKE)
  • CPER SmartSense, Incitative action SmartObs
  • PME projects from Image et Réseaux (HadOc)
  • Foundings from Brittany Region
  • Lannion Tregor Communauté
  • Scientific challenge UR1
  • Côte d’Armor department

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